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Music Production is hard work. We spend entire days at controllers and staring at screens to get that perfect sound. It can be a maddening experience. However, it can all be worthwhile when we finally find that perfect groove or sample.


Ableton Push Controller

64 velocity and pressure-sensitive multi colored pads to play and sequence beats A new way to play notes and chords. Play melody and harmony in any key. Improvise and play with loops. Trigger and re-arrange your ideas at any tempo. Hands-on control with 11 touch-sensitive encoders. Includes Ableton Live 9 Intro and works with any edition of Ableton Live 9

Ableton Live is a powerhouse production environment that is used by producers of all genres. Along with their latest Ableton Live 9 software, the company has introduced a new controller into the fray. The Ableton Push is that glorious item. Velocity sensitive pads, chord progressions, and seamless plug-and-play compatibility with Ableton Live are just a few of the features you will find on this controller.

If you want to see a grown man (or woman) squeal with joy at the surprise of receiving the perfect gift, look no further than this item. This controller has received rave reviews and its intuitive nature will have you cranking out music faster than ever. Don’t forget to take a break every once in a while to eat!


Akai MPC1000

Analog Input/Output: (2) Balanced 1/4" Inputs (6) Unbalanced 1/4" Outputs [Stereo L/R + 4 Assignable Outs] (1) Headphone Output - See more at: Digital Input/Output: (1) Coaxial S/PDIF Input [RCA] (1) Coaxial S/PDIF Output [RCA] - See more at: MIDI Input/Output: (2) MIDI Input [5-pin DIN] (2) MIDI Output [5

Very often, production involves sampling. The Akai MPC1000 allows the user to get down and dirty with chopping up audio samples and create rapid fire loops for some rough production brainstorming that leads to unique sonic ideas. Akai, a name that is trusted among music hobbyists and producers alike, is world renowned for their quality hardware builds.

WIth MIDI in and MIDI out ports, you’ll be able to plug your external controllers and create unlimited sound combinations.


Ableton Live

Multi-track audio recording at up to 32-bit/192 kH Powerful and creative MIDI sequencing of software and hardware instruments. Includes 10 software instruments, 41 effects and Max for Live Advanced warping and real-time time-stretching Unlimited number of audio and MIDI tracks per song Includes 23 sound libraries (Packs) with over 50GB of original sounds

Ableton Live is a must have piece of software for those who perform live or wish take their production to the next level. With Ableton’s simple but powerful interface, users can create endless loop combinations and switch seamlessly between them to create entire songs in just minutes.


Motu 828x

MOTU 828x
28 inputs and 30 outputsThunderbolt technologyHigh-speed USB 2.0Up to 192kHz audio resolutionStudio-grade mic channelsOn-board digital mixer with effectsStand-alone operation as a mixerSolid metal chassisSupport for Mac OS X and WindowsMIDI I/O built-inAnalysis tools and oscilloscope

Ask any producer what they need more of when it comes to production, and they will all give you the same answer: More outputs and inputs.

Boasting an incredible 28 inputs and 30 outputs, this interface offers nearly endless flexibility for experimentation with microphone placement and overdubbing, not to mention the time you’ll save by no longer needing to reconfigure inputs every time to track a new instrument.


AKG K712 Headphones

Made in Vienna, Austria hand-crafted with the highest attention to detail Over-ear design maximum wearing comfort for long work sessions Sophisticated open technology for spacious and airy sound without compromise Improved low-end performance by 3dB for more powerful sound imaging Revolutionary flat wire voice coil for incredible impulse and treble response

Did you know that producers hear music differently? They need to be able to hear subtle differences in frequencies and overall mix to make their music sound the best it possibly can.

In order to do this, they need specific equipment to ensure that what they hear and respond to is actually there, and not an false artifact of the speakers they are using. There are few things more important than the right type of sound monitoring device for producers.

If you want to give your neighbors a break from the “thud” of crafting a beat at all hours of the night, try picking up a pair of AKG K712 Headphones. You may even realize that you actually prefer listening to headphones over blasting music through your large monitors.

When it comes to well balanced reference audio for making complex edits, AKG quality and fidelity is exactly what you’re looking for.

KRK Rokit 6” Monitors

This Bundle contains: Pair of KRK RP6G3W-NA Rokit 6 Generation 3 Powered Studio Monitors - WHITE Bi-amped, class A/B amplifier offering large headroom and low distortion Proprietary waveguide optimized for superior imaging 1 Soft-dome tweeter provides pristine clarity and extended response up to 35kHz High-frequency adjustment tailors the system to personal taste

If you prefer the thud, we have just the speakers for you: A nice matched pair of KRK Rokit 6” Monitors will do just the trick. While there are many spendy options for studio monitors, KRK is almost impossible to beat when it comes to quality and value.