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Musicians can be hard to be surprised but something that’s unusual will definitely boost your chances of making a nice gift.

Let’s see how can you surprise your friend and maybe the next song will be about you!



1. Guitar to iPhone Adapter

Instrument interface adapter + guitar and bass tone mobile software Works on iPhone/iPod touch/iPad Compact 1/4" female input jack to 1/8" female output jack audio interface adapter 1/8" headphone/Amp/Powered Speaker output Connect electric guitar and bass Works with dozens of other guitar apps

What better way to show someone your new song then record on the iPhone and use the file? This adapter does that and it’s also very easy to use.

2. Professional Acoustic/Electric Guitar Capo Tuner

Used for electric or acoustic guitars. Professional Acoustic/Electric Guitar Capo Tuner. TCapo20 is not only a professional capo but also a professional tuner. Tuner with high sensitivity,more accurate,precise. The tuner is convenient and rapid.

The Capo Tuner is professionally designed to be used on acoustic and electric guitars with high sensitivity, precision and accuracy. The results are fast to show.

3. Acoustic Guitar Sound Enhancement

Richer, fuller, louder sound with more clarity and better projection Simple installation by loosening or removing strings and fitting the O-Port into soundhole Suppresses feedback Fits soundholes from 38.75" - 4" (98.43 cm - 10.16 cm) Requires no modification to the instrument

We’re getting technical! The improvement that comes with this Sound Enhancement is worth paying for and your friend will most likely appreciate that you gave this much thought for this gift.

4. iPad Music Stand Adapter

Sturdy durable thermoplastic construction with sure-grip touch points - securely holds your iPad without scratching or marring it Fits the iPad 2 or later (adaptors included for the iPad Air) Universal stand mount clip securely attaches to virtually any microphone stand up to 1.2" in diameter Multi-angle and multi-rotational adjustment allows precise positioning for optimal stage or studio viewing

This is some great help for live performances!

5. A Premium Guitar Care Kit

The ultimate professional-grade five-piece care pack for stringed instruments Guitar ONE is an all-in-1 cleaner, polish, and wax for everyday cleaning of gloss finishes Guitar Polish provides deeper cleaning and polishing to restore and revive dull, hazy, scratched, and scuffed finishes Fretboard F-ONE Oil uses 100 percent natural oils and is safe on all unfinished rosewood, ebony and maple fretbo

Every musical instrument needs care and guitars are no exceptions to that.

6. An Electric Bow

Used to produce a variety of sounds not usually playable on an electric guitar Also made its way in the domain of contemporary art music For Electric and Acoustic Guitars 2 Batteries Included Comes with Mini CD lesson

The Electric Bow is able to mimic several strings, horns and woodwinds and it also comes with a free Chromatic Tuner.

7. Barbuzzo BBQ Rock Guitar Spatula

Music & BBQ's go hand in hand Perform while you cook Create your own BBQ Rock Band

Who doesn’t love barbeques?! Why not make the next one better by using a guitar spatula!

8. The Guitar iPhone Case

We have black and white with the same picture for you to choose Suit for Samsung Galaxy A8 High quality printing can last long time Cover the back and two sides but not the front Durable hard shell plastic phone case

You just got to express yourself. This will let everyone know who the rock star is.

9. Personalized Guitar Picks

Led Zeppelin Guitar Picks Set Display 500 Worldwide Standard Size - A5 or 148mm x 210mm or 5.83" x 8.27" inches Fast Shipping - Worldwide Great Gifts

You can never have enough guitar picks and the nice ones are actually the easiest to lose.

10. Guitar Wall Hanger

High-quality craftsmanship with installation hardware provided Will support practically ANY electric guitar instrument (bass, acoustic, etc.) Classy black wooden base and sturdy metal hanger arm with support rings Provides space to prevent your instruments from bumping up against the wall Rubber hanger arms designed to prevent any damage on your guitar's finish

Perfect to save up the space in the room.

11. Hand Exerciser

Develops and maintains the strength and dexterity of your fingers, hands and forearms, Variable tension provides customized conditioning for individual fingers, Reversible molded grip uncovers simulated strings to help develop and maintain finger calluses for string musicians, Perfect tool for pre-show warm-ups and maintaining conditioning when away from your instrument, The ultimate conditioning

This will help your friend get better ever when he doesn’t have a guitar to practice. Great tool to exercise song rhythms as well.

12. Wide Staff Manuscript Paper

(Manuscript Paper). 32-page stitched book; large 6 staves per page; 8 1/2 x 8 1/2 ; Music Notation Guide.

A new song idea can be around the corner and this notebook will help your friend write it down until the next studio session.

13. Fender Amp Tin Lunch Box

Measures 7.75" x 6.75" Embossed Cover Officially licensed

A lunch box that looks like a guitar amp, what could be more exciting!

14. Rocking wooden spoon

Acoustic and electric guitar shaped wooden spoons Set of 2 spoons made from durable beechwood Great for use with salads, sauces, soups and batters Heat resistant and safe on non-stick cookware Measure approximately 3.25 by 10.5-inch

Now you can rock while eating your favorite cereals.

15. Guitar souvenir

Nashville Guitar Christmas Ornament Music Tennessee City Souvenir Gift Genuine Brass Ornament measures 4 x 1.5 inches More Nashville Tennessee & Other City State Souvenir Gifts Available Great Gift for any Nashville Music Lovers

Having something to remember you’re a guitar player even when your guitar isn’t around.

16. Guitar flash drive

Cute guitar shape design, made by PVC material, with genuine capacity High speed USB 2.0 interface and compatible with USB 1.1 Easy plug and play installation; Low power consumption, durable solid-state storage Works on all major operating systems: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, etc. Perfect keep your digital files like MP3s, photos, games etc. handy

This is perfect to store new recordings and bring all your song ideas to the studio for a professional recording.

17. Guitar clock

Novel desktop utility, a great gift for your families, friends or business partner Contracted roman numerals dial, import mute movement, time accurate, battery not included Wrought iron base, reinforces the stability of the clock, pure hand dyed, long durability Material: Wrought Iron, green paint. Size: L:14cm*H:18cm*W:8cm, wight: 0.36kg Model might have some flaws, which indicates the authentici

What better way to rock then to have a guitar man on your clock?! Now your friends gets to have one.

18. Guitar player street sign

Sign Size: 4"x 18" Brand New, Top Quality Sign Great for Indoors or Outdoors Proudly Manufactured in the U.S.A. Makes a Great Gift!

Now everyone knows what your friend’s greatest passion is and maybe he or she will get some understanding when it comes to practicing new song from now on.

Any item on this list will surely make a good impression so help us by sharing on Social Media so that other people will get an idea on what gift to make for a friend that’s playing guitar.